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Joint Support for
Active, Healthy Lives

A natural ingredient backed by clinical research for foods, beverages & supplements

What is Q-actin™?

Q-actin is a 100% natural extract of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) that clinical research shows can support, improve and strengthen healthy joint function.

  • Fast-acting relief from joint discomfort

  • Increases joint mobility for the performance of daily activities

  • Supports improved athletic performance

  • An efficacious serving is 10 mgs twice daily or 20 mgs once per day

  • Ideal for innovative foods, beverages and supplements


Patented | GRAS | GMP-certified | Vegan | Gluten-free |Non-GMO


Q-actin is a product of IminoTech, Inc., a natural products company dedicated to improving human health through innovative, natural functional ingredients. Q-actin is an iminosugar, a class of biologically active carbohydrates that possess a wide range of health benefits. In addition to Q-actin, IminoTech is developing novel iminosugars that help regulate blood sugar, weight management and healthy immune function.

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Growing Consumer Need for Joint Health Solutions

Healthy bones and joints ranked among the five most important reasons consumers purchase healthy lifestyle products, according to a 2019 survey of 11,000 consumers in 14 global markets.*  Maintaining or restoring joint health is especially important for individuals whose bodies are stressed by aging, excess body weight or the impact of athletic training and exercise. Many desire natural solutions rather than pharmaceuticals.

Happy older adults playing tennis
Older Adults
More than 617 million people worldwide are age 65 and over—and projected to surpass 1 billion by 2030.
Weight-Challenged Individuals
woman on scale
Nearly 2 billion adults -- more than a quarter of the world's population -- are overweight or obese.
Swimmer standing ready on diving block
Serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts seek performance improvements and injury prevention.
Elite and Recreational Athletes

Clinical Research Supports Efficacy

Peer-reviewed clinical studies clearly demonstrate that Q-actin supports joint health, including flexibility, mobility and overall function.  Subjects taking 20mgs of Q-actin daily showed significant improvements based on gold standard models (WOMAC, VAS, LFI) for assessing joint function, discomfort and stiffness.


Placebo-controlled Study

A placebo-controlled study evaluated 91 subjects who consumed a placebo or 20 mgs or 100 mgs of Q-actin daily for six months. The results were published in Current Rheumatology Reviews.


  • Both Q-actin groups experienced significant reductions in pain and improvements in other joint function parameters at every 30-day interval of the study by every evaluation method.


  • Subjects taking 20 mgs daily of Q-actin experienced a 32% improvement in WOMAC scores over six months, compared with a 5% improvement for the placebo group.


  • The Q-actin health benefits were dose dependent.

Comparison Study

Q-actin significantly outperformed glucosamine-chondroitin in a six-month comparison study of 122 subjects with moderate joint health issues. The findings were published in Clinical Interventions in Aging.


  • The randomized, double-blinded clinical trial was conducted in three countries.


  • Q-actin was significantly more effective than glucosamine-chondroitin in relieving discomfort and increasing mobility.


  • Study participants taking 20 mgs daily of Q-actin experienced significant improvements at every monthly evaluation period.

Diverse Formulation Opportunities 

Foods, Beverages and Supplements

Q-actin is a superior choice for formulating foods, beverages and supplements that offer real joint health benefits. Peer-reviewed science supports many structure/
function product claims. Regulatory approval for use in foods in the U.S., Japan and South Korea. Q-actin’s small daily serving size–only 10 mgs–and formulation attributes make it a top choice for a wide range of product applications.

Tablets & Capsules | Effervescents | Gummies & Chewables | Sachet/Stick Packs | Powder Mixes | Soft Gels | Beverage Shots | Shakes | Nutritional Bars

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IminoTech is based in Carson City, Nevada, USA
Tel:  775.888.6730

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