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Iminosugars: Sugars for Health

Iminosugars are a novel type of biologically active carbohydrates that possess a wide range of medicinal properties. Iminosugars are unlike other sugar molecules. A nitrogen atom has replaced the oxygen atom in the ring of the molecular structure. This small change can disrupt or restore certain cellular functions.

Robert Nash, Ph.D., is a world-renowned researcher in the field of phytochemistry and a pioneer in the study of iminosugars. Dr. Nash and his research teams at Aberystwyth University in the United Kingdom have discovered nearly 200 iminosugars, including many with potential medicinal uses. He has published more than 250  

Molecular structure of Q-actin (ido-BR1)

research papers on iminosugars. For his scientific contributions, Dr. Nash was awarded the first Pierre Fabre Phytochemical Society of Europe Award.  

Among Dr. Nash’s discoveries is ido-BR1, the only iminosugar clinically tested to support joint health. Found in certain varieties of cucumber, ido-BR1 helps the body modulate Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and other biological markers associated with joint health.


Research shows that Q-actin, the branded name of ido-BR1, can help improve the mobility and function of joints stressed from everyday wear-and-tear as well as exertion through athletic performance.

IminoTech is developing an iminosugar platform of new patented molecules that clinical research shows can support specific health benefits. New products in development, all of which are naturally sourced from plants, include iminosugars that help regulate blood sugar, weight management and healthy immune function. The company expects to begin introducing these new products in late 2021.


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